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KMT exterior doors

Exterior door KMTThanks to an attractive design and solid execution, the most demanding customers decide on KMT doors.

That doors are destined to detached houses especially. Strong construction assures a long time exploitation and maximal safety as well.

54 mm door leaf is manufactured from 0,6 mm galvanized steel sheets and covered by wood-like laminate comprises foil (made from polyvinyl chloride) and matt acrylate covering which is weatherproof and UV resistant (9 years guarantee).

Wood-like laminate conformable to colour scheme of door leaf, also cover decorative frames. The core is a polyurethane foam, which has better heat-insulating properties than plastic foam.

Manufacturer offers wide range of glazing made from tempered glass “package” what quarantees user’s safety even if it’s damaged.

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Door frames

Door frames are made from 1,5 mm steel sheets. Set comprises three hinges B15, three holes for bolts and a rubber sealing strip with elastomer. Products are delivered in a cardboard box.


Stainless steel threshold has a rubber sealing strip with elastomer. Price includes raw plugs and end caps. Additionally, Voster offers door clock cylinders, wide angle door viewers and self-closers.

GERDA exterior doors

Exterior door GerdaAnti-burglary doors GERDA are definitely up to standard. Being destined for buildings which are subject to weather conditions, they ensure due safety.

There are extra additions for demanding customers such as glazing or decorative foils.

Installation and use conditions of exterior doors:

» opened inwards doors are a recommended solution to keep a thermo-insulating and waterproofness

» to keep decorative foils in good condition, doors shouldn’t be subject to UV light and precipitation.

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Anti-burglary protection

GERDA offers doors with a varied level of burglar resistance and colours as well. That is why each customer may go for door suited for personal preferences.


Beside decorative foils, metal and board doors’ color scheme draw customer’s attention.