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PORTA interior doors

Interior doors PortaPorta's substantial portfolio allows each Client to find their favourite door leaf in regard to design, as well as price. Panel doors come in natural veneers and panelled door leaves are characterised by a frame-and-panel design. The great variety of the available finishes or individual models are brought together by their common feature od superior quality. Natural veneers enhance doors with its own unique character.

If you are looking for:
» high quality doors
» innovative design
» certified products
» technical sanction
» proven capital solutions
» distribution network developed in Poland and Europe
» professional after-sales service


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Fashinable solutions

High quality materials, attractive and popular design and also different kinds of glazing are main assets of PORTA. The doors have a use for living quarters and business premises as well.


The leaf price includes hinges as standard, regular key, bathroom lock or adapted for door lock cylinder and round flush pull for sliding doors. We can also find additional accessories like self-closers, wide angle door viewers, thresholds, etc.

VOSTER interior doors

Interior doors VosterSince 1993 when Voster Company was founded, their manufacture has really thrived. Currently, Voster offers i.a. board or frame doors, glass doors or sliding door systems.

A construction of board doors comprises a frame made from glued laminated softwood or MDF board. The core of the door leaf is a honeycomb insert or perforated chipboard. Accordingly, doors are lightweight and the price is lower as well.

All elements (vertical or horizontal muntins) of frame doors are made from MDF board instead. That makes that stable and massive construction more sturdy.

Wide range of veneers fit in with different arrangements. Samples are available on Voster website.

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Additionally, Voster offers handles, sleeves, locks or thresholds.

Door leafs information

Massive construction – three pintle hinges, no edge, high-strength, no decorative frame, tempered glass panel.

DRE interior doors

Interior doors DREThe highest quality of products with relatively low prices make DRE one of the best door manufacturers. Total customer satisfaction guarantee solid veneers due to which, doors preserve unique look for a long year.

As standard, muntins are made from MDF board and frames are made from premium quality wood.  You can choose leaf with two or three hinges. The leaf price includes regular key, bathroom lock or adapted for door lock cylinder. Additionally, the manufacturer offers full range of glazing which make your interior more individual.

DRE sells glass doors as well. The leaf is made from 8mm tempered glass and it has holes for hinges and lock.

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There are also accessories like handles, sleeves, thresholds or architraves.

Door frames

Door frames are made from high-grade wood-like MDF board. On the exterior frames are covered with wood-like decorative foil DRE-Cell Decor, Finish foil, LACK-Décor veneers or natural veneers.