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PORTOS shutters

PORTOS - shuttersTop mounted shutters can be only assembled while the building’s construction or windows’ replacement and than, shutter box is set on window frame or door frame. As a result the shutter box is completely invisible and the roller seems to be a part of the window. In the summer, a comfortable solution is the roller integrated with mosquito-net, as INTERLUX system.

Shutters’ systems:
» Classic
» Termolux
» Interlux
» Interlux with Mosquito-Net
» Termo-Prestige
» Termo-Prestige with Mosquito-Net

PORTOS - shuttersFront mounted shutter can be assembled at any moment because it is set on elevation. Rollers perfectly isolate a heat, protecting rooms against an excessive insolation. All systems can be integrated with mosquito-net.

Thanks to wide range of the shutter boxes and colours satisfaction is guaranteed. Additionally, manufacturer offers diversity of high quality drives, assuring positive experience.

Shutters’ systems:
» Standard
» Standard with Mosquito-Net
» Rollolux
» Rollolux with Mosquito-Net
» Omega-Standard
» Omega-Standard z moskitierą
» Omega-Lux
» Omega-Standard with Mosquito-Net
» Intermo
» Intermo with Mosquito-Net

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Product and its quality

Shutters are assembled from elements manufactured by PORTOS. Modern machine and appropriately selected primary commodities guarantee the highest quality.


The company offers few solutions that ease the opening and closing of the rollers, i.e. manually with the special belt or crank handle or automatic with pilot or buttons.

DRUTEX PVC rollers

Drutex shuttersExternal PVC roller shutters are a system of rollers integrated with the window, which can be assembled while the building’s construction or windows’ replacement. The compatibility which is a main characteristic for the profile systems is also very important when it comes to the roller shutters. Wide range of colour of the shutter boxes, guides and armours as well as diversity of drives and safety devices meet the expectation of all customers. Modern system of external roller shutters offers high level of thermal insulation up to k=0,6 W/m2K. Thanks to the implementation of the sealing in the guides the noise while turning the rollers on has been reduced.

In order to guarantee the elegance and functionality of the roller shutters we guarantee such an assembly of  roller shutter and the guides that neither the roller nor the guides are visible from the outer side (the roller is covered by the elevation). At the same one can only notice the revision panel from the inside part, through which all the conservation works are carried out.

We also offer the roller shutter with the revision panel at the bottom side, which enables to build the roller shutter also from the inside. As a result the roller is completely invisible and is much more elegant.

The nice look of the roller shutter is also underlined by the PVC guides and bar in different Renolit colours or just simply in white or brown. The alumunium armour, which is filled with thermal-insulated foam is available in dark brown, beige, light brown, brown, grey and silver. There’s also a possibility to use the lammels and end strips in the same colour.

The company offers few solutions that ease the opening and closing of the rollers, i.e. manually with the special belt or crank handle or automatic with pilot or buttons.

Drutex shuttersDRUTEX aluminium windows rollers - DRUTEX offers a system of adaptive aluminum shutters dedicated for use when the window has not been assembled yet. The aluminum external roller shutters was created to ensure the safety of our customers. In each of the systems, the shutter is rolled into the aluminum box placed on a wall or window frame. The box is then a decorative element  of the building. The adaptive system offers three types of boxes: SK 45 (shutter45 degrees), half-rounded SP (concealed shutter) and SKO round (oval type shutter).

In order to meet the growing expectations of the customers' towards the architectural, modern and functional solutions DRUTEX offers a reliable system when it comes to any technological issues. Intelligent construction of the shutter  is combined with elegant and modern box and aluminum guide.

The armour of the shutter built of aluminium profiles filled with the polyurethane guaranteed even better thermal insulation. Shutters can be installed on the existing windows, or even while the building is being constructed by placing  insulated box in the header of the window opening.

Similarly to PVC shutters DRUTEX  offers several solutions to improve the comfort and closing and opening of the shutters, i.e.: manually by using a belt or crank and automatically with the pilot or switches.

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There are nine different colours of rollers – silver, white, grey, beige, dark brown/deep brown, brown, anthracite, golden oak and nut – which you can see on DRUTEX website.


Excellent protection against sun, wind, rain, snow and other extreme weather conditions; increased acoustic insulation, noticeably reducing the noise level; the best protection against break-in.